Urinalysis DETAILS

A test commonly used by doctors that analyzes the urine to detect some common diseases.


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Our Urinalysis  test is a medical routine urine analysis test that consists of Urine appearance, Urine color, and Urine Specific Gravity, Urinary Glucose, Urinary protein and other urine analytes (10 in all) of imporatnace. If already on any drugs such as antibiotics, you will be required to notify your medical laboratory scientist. To perform this test you will need to visit your laboratory of choice for the collection of an appropriate bottle for submission of a urine sample.

Disclaimer: Laboratory test results are NOT to be interpreted as a "stand-alone" item. Test results have to be interpreted after correlating with suitable clinical findings and additional supplemental information/tests. The meaning of your tests results will be explained by your healthcare providers, based on additional information you provide them.