About PreDiagn

PreDiagn gives users access to real-time diagnostic test information and services requisition, as close as on their digital devices, plus analytic tools to trend their test reports for informed medical decisions.

Healthcare carries cost. This is magnified in diagnostic services segment with Out-of-pocket payment for expensive healthcare services further discouraging access.
PreDiagn is an innovative solution ensuring affordable diagnostic healthcare services through shared user access, while also driving the embrace of predictive medicine.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the most trusted partner of both the users/patients, in guaranteeing affordability and accessibility, and partnered laboratories by providing them platform to leverage on the ubiquity that mobile and internet technology affords for personalized service, accurate testing, rapid turnaround time, innovative systems and solutions, going above and beyond to provide our users with analytic insights of predictive value that helps them with making informed medical decisions.



We strive to ensure access to highest quality of healthcare by providing access to quality laboratory services necessary, one not hindered by cost, since diagnostics laboratory is the bedrock of modern medicine with over 70% of decisions by physicians relying upon it


Our drive is the highest standards of excellence in diagnostic care and in essence, every aspect of man's health. Empowering users/patients to hold providers up to the utmost quality with their user experience ranking and reviews help achieve this.


Ensuring affordability that guarantees accessibility and quality of life is at the core of our existence. This we strive for to ensure healthcare is an inalienable right for all.


We believe in social good and poise to achieve that through scientific contributions and technology, to enhance lives.


Predictive and personalized medicine is the current thrust in medical practice, having the promise of better healthcare, away from the usual reactionary ‘sick-care’. We are set to propagate this culture shift.


We are committed to helping each other do our best. This is because we believe in the ability of our partnered laboratories to offer better diagnostic service at minimal cost when their own efficiencies are at its optimum.


We place premium on adherence to regulatory guidelines and code of ethics that promotes confidence and trust in our services and that of our partnered laboratories.


Our hearts resonate with the idea of working together to achieve common goals that will translate to better healthcare and a meaningful purpose in the lives of our users/clients.


Access to equitable and affordable healthcare is of global concern. Morbidity and mortality index from preventable disease condition remains high, especially where the duo earlier mentioned are highly constrained. Culture of regular diagnostic testing is crucial to early detection of deviations from norm in health indices of any individual and prompt lifestyle change as preventive measures.

However, increased government cuts in diagnostic health financing despite known fact that diagnostic services influence majority of healthcare decisions, continues to pose challenges to diagnostic services utilization, especially in the face of high cost for such, yet with poor insurance scheme and coverage.

Worse still, persistent out-of-pocket payment for expensive healthcare services impoverishes the people, prevents access and further discourages the culture of medical check-up which has predictive diagnosis at its core. Thus, many are hindered from taking advantage of predictive and preventive medical care, allusions to the truth: ‘Prevention is better than cure’, notwithstanding.