Important in a complete evaluation of the pulmonary and cardiac systems


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The Chest X-ray examination is a non-invasive procedure requiring no sample collection.The procedure will be explained to the patient by the radiographer. To perform this test you will need to visit your laboratory of choice for a chest x-ray examination session.


The chest x-ray film is important in a complete evaluation of the pulmonary and cardiac systems. Much information can be provided by the x-ray film. The test can beneficial in the following, to mention a few:

-         Heart size which may vary depending on cardiac function

-         Tumors of the lung (primary and metastatic), heart (myxoma), chest wall (soft-tissue sarcomas), and bony thorax (osteogenic sarcoma)

-         Inflammation of the lung (pneumonia), pleura, pericardium and lung (pulmonary edema)

-         Air accumulation in the lung and pleura

-         Fluid accumulation in the pleura (pleura effusion)

-         Diaphragmatic hernia

-         Calcification, which may indicate large-vessel deterioration or old lung granulomas

Usually, a posteroanterior (PA) view, with the x-rays passing through the back of the body (posterior) to the front of the body (anterior) is taken, followed by a lateral view, with the x-rays passing through the patient’s side, if requested also by the doctor.

Disclaimer: Laboratory test results are NOT to be interpreted as a "stand-alone" item. Test results have to be interpreted after correlating with suitable clinical findings and additional supplemental information/tests. The meaning of your tests results will be explained by your healthcare providers, based on additional information you provide them.